Add $100 for each additional unit

​       Cooling Tune Up

Monitor refrigerant pressures

Test indoor start assembly

Test outdoor start assembly

Test safety controls

Measure current air flow

Clean or replace standard air filters'

Check blower amps

Tighten high voltage and low voltage connections

Measure compressor amps

Measure condenser fan motor amps

Clean indoor and outdoor coils

Clean condensate drains

Measure temp difference

Add $100 for each additional unit

Residential System Pricing


1 Systems - $195/yr

2 Systems - $295/yr

3 Systems - $395/yr

4 Systems - $495/yr

Commercial System Pricing

1 Systems - $235/yr 

2 Systems - $335/yr

3 Systems - $435/yr

4 Systems - $535/yr


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• 2% off system replacement

• 2 year labor warranty

​           Heating Tune Up

Check Igniter ohms

Check flame sensor

Check inducer motor amps 

Check temperature rise

Check burners

Check all safety controls

Check Carbon Monoxide level

Check blower amps

Check indoor start assembly 

Check outdoor start assembly. 

Check electric heat elements amps

Check heat pump pressures

Check defrost mode

Check compressor amps

Check condenser fan amps​